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Haim Toledano - Parental guidance and sleep counseling

with "sweet dreams" method

Dear Parents We understand the emotional distress and what it does to you and your life, even if you think that right now this is the most difficult problem in the world and looks like an insoluble difficulty it is important for me to know, there is a solution and it is even allotted in time, at the "Haim Toledano Center" in the Sweet Dreams method, before we offer any treatment and help service, we understand you
How it works You will surely ask- The method is based on providing tools for regular and systematic responses, the goal is that at the end of the process we will buy your baby the tools to anesthetize themselves (yes it is possible), we will teach the baby to sleep the whole night, just as it sounds, 10 hours of continuous sleep.
There is full listening to the method of the need arises from the baby at any moment in fact a major part is based on learning and re-recognition of the baby and the transmission it gives us.
Behavioral assessment and response to the baby's needs are big words that simply say this.
Parents should know how to respond in a matter-of-fact and professional manner to the baby's crying, respond, but not respond emotionally. Who is more comfortable sleeping when his parents equip him, but sometimes he cries because he did not meet all the satisfaction and stimulation he wanted to receive during the day.
In the center of "Haim Toledano in the method of sweet dreams" we create a solution to the problem of sleep even if the baby will not find in his familiar environment due to vacation, moving, and in various stages of development, the reason is that we are working on acquiring skill and strengthening the baby's confidence to succeed in sleeping on his own.
It is important to understand the method in order to know what to expect. At very high probability during the procedure, the baby will cry many times
Once we learn the method, we will know how to react correctly to the baby's crying.
crying will accompany us for a short period of adjustment and learning afterwards he will stop crying for the simple reason he will just get used to the new rules
If you read if this text indicates that you understand that you are in trouble and that it is already a step towards to solution, Your determination to learn is the key to a solution.